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VRinHE - Virtual reality in higher education

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Modern students perceive information, that is presented to them in a digital form, much faster and much better. The introduction of virtual and augmented reality improves their participation in the learning process, as well as their digital and professional skills.

Project VRinHE (Integrating Virtual and Augmented Reality in Higher Education Curricula) is focused on the modernisation and digitalisation of the higher education and aims to incorporate the use of virtual and augmented reality in the learning process. Because of the connection between higher education and the labour market, the project also directly affects the business, because it provides personnel, who have already acquired the necessary skills thanks to the improved and modernised learning process.

Besides the purely professional competences of the students, virtual and augmented reality tools also strengthen their so-called soft skills: critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, etc., which most companies value highly and look for when hiring employees.

Implementation period: 02.2022 - 02.2024