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KEP Toki Power AD

TOKI is the first end-to-end digital service for providing electricity in Bulgaria, operated by KEP Toki Power AD. It is specifically developed for the needs of small and medium enterprises, as well as for large consumers and individuals. TOKI offers innovative products that until recently were not available to consumers on the Bulgarian market.

TOKI is a digital platform created to assist customers in choosing an electricity supplier that provides clear and detailed information about the services offered by KEP Toki Power AD, a simplified process for switching the supplier and a portal for tracking and managing electricity costs.

Subscription plans include:

  • Fixed electricity price for the entire term of the contract;
  • Market electricity price, formed on the basis of the market index of the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange;
  • Floating electricity price with an option for change once every 3 months, without long-term commitment for the customer;
  • Green energy from renewable sources at a fixed price, with guarantees of origin.

KEP Toki Power AD is a subsidiary of Power System EOOD. The companies trade with all products on the energy exchange and have contracts with offices, shops, warehouses, production sites, administrative buildings, farms, etc.

TOKI and Power System are part of the group of Solarpro Holding AD ( - one of the leading companies in the field of renewable energy sources in Southeast Europe.

Address: Sofia, 41 Hristofor Kolumb blvd, 6 floor
Phone:+359 896 569 186