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Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI) is an active platform for experience exchange, contacts and market information for Bulgaria and Romania.

In order to support the activities of its members, as well as those of all other economic subjects in Bulgaria and Romania, the Chamber provides a large number of services. Part of them are completely free for company-members and for the rest of the services - they can benefit from preferential conditions.

The services are provided on the basis of a preliminary written request, as well as a deadline and price, agreed upon between the two parties. The price for some of the services is fixed, while for the more complex ones - it's negotiable.

For more information and for making a specific inquiry, please contact us at email: or on the phone: +359 82 507 606, +359 897 810 986 or +359 889 601 756

Services marked with * are provided for members of the Chamber FOR FREE
Services marked with ♦ are provided for members of the Chamber at PREFERENTIAL PRICES



• Providing up-to-date economic, tax and labour law information for the Bulgarian and Romanian markets, incl. regarding registration procedures of local companies and VAT registration. *
• Structuring of contact lists and other information for Bulgarian and Romanian companies. ♦
• Preparation of reports on current status, financial accounting reports and other official information for Bulgarian and Romanian companies. *
• Contacts and recommendations for specialized consultancy companies providing legislation, accountancy, finance, customs and registration services, marketing and advertising, as well as translators, real estate agencies and human resource management specialists (free for all companies).
• Providing information about fairs, exhibitions and business events in Bulgaria and Romania. *
• Publishing an ad for the sale/purchase of goods and services in the BRCCI's Sales Leads. *
• Access to an online contact database (an exclusive service for the BRCCI members). *



• Consultations with experts, specialized in the registration of local companies, mixed companies, agencies and branches, commercial brands in Bulgaria and Romania. ♦
• Consultations and support for personnel recruitment in the two neighboring countries via the VISA Labour Mobility Agency to BRCCI, incl. through an online platform for publishing job ads. ♦
• Organization of B2B meetings, trainings and events in accordance with the Chamber's events calendar, as well as through an additional request. ♦
• Organization and participation in trade missions in Bulgaria and Romania. ♦
• Intermediation and coordination when organizing the participation of Bulgarian companies in the ROMEXPO exhibitions at preferential prices (free for all Bulgarian companies! There are discounts from the ROMEXPO prices for BRCCI members).
• Initiation of partnership projects and participation in international consortia on European grant programs.



• Leasing an office space with furniture, equipment and communications included (as well as a video conferencing equipment) for conducting business meetings and company trainings for teams of up to 20 people (for the city of Ruse). Preferential conditions for members of BRCCI. ♦



• Promotion of events in BRCCI's network (website, email campaign, social networks) *
• Paid advertising opportunities and positioning during BRCCI events. ♦
• Inclusion of ad slots and banners in mail campaigns/newsletters of the Chamber. ♦
• Provision of information for upcoming events, fairs and trade missions in Bulgaria and Romania. *



The Chamber is actively working with state and local administrative authorities, as well as with international partners, via expert groups and consortia on legislative and administrative initiatives, concerning the legislative and administrative framework of the activities of BRCCI members.