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Welcome to the Sales Leads of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

  • Here, you can publish your proposals and offers for cooperation with companies from Bulgaria and Romania completely FREE.
  • Send us a text in the language you are fluent in and we will translate it to the other two languages (Bulgarian, Romanian and/or English).
  • Your offer will be promoted not only through the website, but also through our other information channels; it will also reach all members of BRCCI directly, as well as more than 500 subscribers, who have registered for our information newsletter.

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BG 0113


The company Mega Commerce OOD IS SELLING a regulated land property with a surface of 2429 m2, situated in Industrial Zone - East, Ruse.

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BG 0111


Bulgarian producer of herbal tinctures and ointments, which helps with various health issues, IS LOOKING FOR potential distributors in Romania.

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BG 0110


Manufacturer of wood dryers, and wood bran, which are the raw material for the production of pellets for fire, IS SEARCHING FOR partners in Romania.

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RO 0107


BVR International SRL IS LOOKING FOR SUPPLIERS of steel, cast iron, duraluminium, plastic and other materials and SUBCONTRACTORS for…

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RO 0108


Law firm "Grecu and partners" OFFERS legal expertise and consultations. Price discount for members of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber.

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BG 0109


Owner of a bio store in Ruse IS SEARCHING FOR a business partner in Romania in order to expand his business and presence on the Romanian market.

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RO 0106


The Romanian company UPRUC CTR S.A. - manufacturer of steel fittings for the industry IS LOOKING FOR partners in Bulgaria.

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TR 0104


Serhat Makina - a Turkish manufacturer of wooden pallet processing line IS LOOKING FOR clients in Bulgaria and Romania.

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BG 0105


TAKE PART IN the biggest research about the salaries and benefits in Bulgaria, which is conducted in accordance with Mercer's methodology.

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