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Romania will have electronic ID cards in 2021


Romania will begin issuing electronic ID cards in August of 2021, in order to comply with European standards. The new documents will be smaller than the current ones and will include a picture and two fingerprints of the card owner, stored in a digital format on a contactless chip. With them, Romanian citizens will be able to interact with public authorities online and use them to gain entry to the healthcare system.

Those who don't want an electronic ID will have the opportunity to choose a regular one, which will not contain electronic elements or data, but will also be well protected, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

More than 2.2 million personal documents are to be replaced in Bulgaria in 2020 – IDs, passports and driving licenses. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded, that the deadline for a simple document order is 30 days and applications must be submitted with enough time in advance. The identity cards that will be replaced in 2020 will be in the current model. Starting next year, they must be with an electronic information carrier and contain electronic identification and biometric information.

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