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Price International

Price International is the largest Bulgarian developer of telephone software solutions and business communication software. The company develops two web-based platforms:

  • CALLFLOW – business telephony software, which meets the needs of both small companies and large call centres;
  • Omnilinx – a communication and customer service platform that brings together multiple channels such as phone, chats and messaging apps, emails and tickets.

The company helps its clients by:

  • Helping businesses improve customer service and attract new clients by building robust phone, chat, and social media sales channels.
  • Adapting to the volume and needs of any business – the company’s customers can choose from over 50 modules that upgrade their phone service.
  • Providing qualified support in Bulgarian and English with 24/7 availability.
  • Flexible pricing which allows different team members to have different tariff plans based on their needs.
  • Maintaining a strategic partnership with all three telecommunications companies in Bulgaria.
  • Having capacity to integrate software systems.

Some of Price International’s most demanded functionalities

  • IVR (automatic phone answering which routes calls to different departments and people);
  • Detailed statistics, monitoring, recording, and tagging of calls;
  • Groups of employees among which customer calls are automatically distributed;
  • Calls on the go – a mobile app for iOS and Android;
  • A Viber business channel for mass-messaging;
  • Linking all communication channels that businesses use for operational efficiency.

Price International works with companies from all over Europe. Its clients are from all fields of business and administration – from online stores to banks, insurers, credit institutions, medical centres and telecommunication companies.