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Paysera with a new functionality for the Romanian market


For the first time in Romania, individuals and especially companies will be able to create an account with IBAN in Romanian lei (RON), which they can do entirely online within the system of one of the most stable fintech companies in Europe, Paysera.

The new functionality is being offered with the help of Libra Internet Bank less than a year after Paysera entered the Romanian market.

Paysera is one of the fastest developing fintech companies in Europe, which entered the Romanian market in July of 2019 and offered its clients convenience, speed and favorable conditions for their daily payment transactions. Paysera's services are available worldwide, and the application is translated to more than 13 languages, including Romanian.

Libra Internet Bank is among the most dynamic banks in Central and Eastern Europe and was recognized as Digital Bank of the Year in Romania for 2019. The bank works in partnership with a number of fintech companies for the successful implementation of different digital solutions. Regarding the launch of the new product on the Romanian market, Paysera and Libra Internet Bank organised a press conference, where they gave detailed information about its benefits.

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