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Long-term employment of workers from third countries in Bulgarian enterprises!


In response to the growing problems with the labor market in Bulgaria, the Romanian finance company Soter and Partners SRL and the Bulgarian LTA Consulting OOD, in partnership with Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber, offer assistance in the recruitment and long-term employment of workers from Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It is possible to hire general workers for the construction and industry, any type of staff for the hotel and restaurant sector, for animal husbandry, agriculture and food industry, tailors, as well as people with specialized skills (mechanics, welders etc.).

Soter and Partners SRL and LTA Consulting OOD are undertaking the entire process of identifying suitable workers, introducing them to the employer for approval, as well as organizing the entire migration process (procedures and market access permits for up to 1 year, with the possibility of extension up to 3 years).

With this, we are directly transfering the experience of our Romanian partners, who, for the second year, are successfully supplying Romanian companies with experienced and responsible staff, ready to work on a 6-day week.

All interested companies can contact the Chamber directly for more information.

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