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Bulgarian and Romanian corporate and physical subjects, as well as multinational companies, are eligible for membership in the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Membership in the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber will be useful for yoru business if you would like to:


► receive updated information regarding economic, legal, tax and administrative issues in Bulgaria and Romania;
► participate for free or with discounts in events, seminars, trade missions and other forums organized by the Chamber in Bulgaria and Romania;
► have free access to an online database with contacts from all ecenomic sectors and regions in Bulgaria and Romania;
► use preferential rates, discounts and free mediation for participation in selected trade fairs in ROMEXPO, Romania;
► use for free or at discounted prices the additional services that the Chmaber provdies. Some of them include: current status checks for Bulgarian and Romanian comapnies, marketing researches and campaigns, participation in trade missions in Bulgaria and Romania and others.

In order to join us you need to fill in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and the GDPR INFO SHEET. Please send both documents to Membership applications are reviewed and accepted/declined by the Chamber’s Managing board.
Each company or organisation receives a special certificate stating their membership at BRCCI.


The annual membership fee is EUR 250.



For more information, please contact our experts at or telephone +359 82 507 606.