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I.CE.A - Investing on Circular Economy through Adults

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By 2050 global waste is expected to increase by 70%, and global material consumption will double in the next forty years.

Without effective policies to mitigate climate change and its consequences, without large-scale strategies for global environmental protection and for conservation and regeneration of resources, energy, and soil, the dead end that the linear economic model leads to is no longer just a theoretical hypothesis.

Circular economy and its principles are one of the possible solutions to stop this prediction from becoming a reality. It is a fact that a large share of adults has neither the knowledge nor the competences to generate and implement green ideas in order to slow down at least partially the impending ecological collapse.

The I.CE.A project aims to introduce adults to a greener way of thinking, so that they begin to apply efficient and effective strategies in the efforts to mitigate climate change.

Conducting researches on good practices for green activities in partner countries and developing an interactive map of them, elaborating a documentary on alternative ways to switch to a green lifestyle, and conducting an entrepreneurship training for adults promoting green ideas and social entrepreneurship are only part of the activities within the I.CE.A project.

It is also planned to create QR codes and applications that will be distributed to key locations in project partner countries, as well as to develop a network of greens entrepreneurs.

The main group of participants in the project will be adults who are interested in applying circular practices, as well as those who have little knowledge of the topic but want to learn more.

The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the leading partner in the project, and the other organisations that will help for its implementation are from Poland, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Luxembourg, and Greece.

Implementation period: November 2021 – March 2024