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Foodobox is a mobile app which combats food waste. It connects businesses from the hospitality sector with end users. By using Foodobox businesses such as bakeries, patisseries, restaurants, and supermarkets can sell at a discount food that has remained unsold or is nearing its expiration date. End users save products via the app and pick them up at the site, usually at the end of the business day.

Velin Kerkov and Jane Dimitrova created the application a year and a half ago in Bulgaria, and today it has over 35,000 downloads, and about 450 businesses use it to save food. It started in Sofia, gradually spreading to all major Bulgarian cities.

By the end of 2022, Foodobox will officially announce their presence in Bucharest. In this regard, the company is looking for contacts with various businesses from the hospitality sector to partner with. The startup raised an investment of over half a million BGN for its expansion in Bulgaria and is currently looking for Romanian investors to support its expansion in Bucharest.

Phone: +359 887 566 588