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It is important that you always have a warm, regular and ongoing relationship with the other business partner


One Bulgarian company has been successfully developing on the Romanian market for more than 6 years. Exotica Ltd. from the town of Byala Cherkva is a major supplier of plants and plant care products to several large DIY chains in Bulgaria and Romania.

The manager of the company, Mr. Danyu Angelov, shares that the rules of business in Bulgaria and Romania are similar, and the main difference stems from the fact that the market in our northern neighbor is much larger. According to the company’s experience, working with big clients doesn’t always mean more revenue and in order to be competitive in Romania, serious management resources, more efforts and risk taking are needed, says Mr. Angelov.

In addition to supplying plants to large construction and furniture stores, Exotica OOD grows about 300 acres of orchards of cherries and bird cherries of traditional varieties, as well as raspberry, blackberry and pepper plantations.

Since mid-2018, the company has an installation for fruit freezing - bird cherries, cherries and raspberries. Apricots, plums and strawberries in different cuts are frozen on individual request. Their clients are chocolate factories, ice cream makers and producers of canned goods in Bulgaria, but Exotica knows the way to enter the Romanian market and are just beginning to approach it. The frozen foods, which the companies offers, are in packages from 2,5 to 20 kg, and the new line which the company promotes is CherryBerryMix.

We asked Mr. Angelov and Ms. Chorbadjieva what is the most important thing for those who are heading to Romania to present their products and services.

„There is no uniform formula that works for everyone, but among the most important things are purely human qualities such as honesty, openness, tolerance, calmness, patience. High quality products and, of course, good prices.“

If there is something they would change in their strategy for entering the Romanian market in terms of the experience already gained, they say they would remain just as honest, but even more persistent and would wish to be a bit luckier.

And „the formula“ for long-term partnership with colleagues from Romania?

„It is important that you always have a warm, regular and ongoing relationship with the other business partner“, Exotica EOOD stated explicitly. And they share that they’ve had miscommunications with their Romanian counterparts, but a good sense of humor always eliminated misunderstandings.

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