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Eurosped AD opened their newest warehouse


Eurosped AD opened their newest warehouse on the territory of the logistics park, built by the company in Ruse, in close proximity to the Danube Bridge. The modern high-shelf warehouse is Class 1 in accordance to the Law on Spatial Planning, and its surface area is 6000 m2. Its construction is reinforced concrete, has effective thermal insulation, made of thick sandwich panels of non-combustible wool, and the floor is made of polished concrete with a coating resistant to chemical products.

A high-tech fire alarm system has been built and installed in the warehouse, fire extinguishing system with sprinklers, smoke hatches, smoke screen and explosion-proof fans. All of them provide safety to the stored goods. In addition, the logistics park has its own water tank with a volume of 900 m3. In order to guarantee the non-disruption of the work processes, power supply from two independent sources has been provided.

A 5-storey shelving system is installed in the warehouse, which has a capacity of 10 000 pallets. The facility has two separate entrances with a height of 5 meters, as well as 8 loading and unloading ramps.

The turnover of goods in the warehouse is monitored by a modern WMS system for inventory management via mobile devices and barcodes, and the movement of shipments is controlled by TMS, meeting all customer requirements.

By increasing the capacity of their logistics park in Ruse, Eurisped AD offers to its clients quality and complex services for storage, processing and distribution of goods on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania.

Within 2 to 4 work days the goods, stored on the territory of the logistics base in Ruse, can reach any settlement in Romania, Bulgaria and Europe.

The customers, who use the company's comprehensive logistics services, can benefit from:

  • Established and efficient transport network in Romania;
  • Excellent conditions for goods storage;
  • Ability to monitor real-time stock availability;
  • Execution of orders and transport organisation to the end customer;

Companies that sell or distribute goods on the Romanian market and are looking for comprehensive logistics services, can contact the company.

Svetoslav Georgiev – Head of the Ruse lbase
Phone: +359 889017799

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