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Review and editing of texts for websites in Romanian

Many Bulgarian companies use automatic translation, in order to reach the Romanian audience. Others put their trust in translators with not enough experience and language knowledge and they turn out to be „lost in translation“. Among the reasons why you may not be successful in Romania might be this – they don't understand the messages you are sending.

Incorrectly translated websites, online stores, company presentations and offers remain unintelligible for the potential Romanian partners, especially when technical terms are being used. And texts, written by translators without much language experience, create a negative attitude towards both the product and the company.

If you don't want your company and products, which you offer, to convey an unpleasant feeling in your potential customers, we offer you our newest service, which we developed - Review and editing of texts for websites in Romanian.

How we can be useful to you:

  • Look through (read) your website/ presentation/ offer and give you feedback about whether the content is intelligible;
  • Make grammar corrections, if necessary;
  • Adapt the content for a Romanian audience (stylistic editing);
  • Rewrite the texts entirely, in order to sound adequate;
  • Check the technical terminology;

We have a native language speaker in our team, who will make the corrections, in order for the text to look professional to the Romanian clients.

For a concrete price, text volumes and deadlines, please contact us.