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Funding stream:
Romania-Bulgaria CBC Programme 2007-2013

Short description:

The general objectives of the Eco-Force project were:

1. To contribute to the sustainable development of the cross-border area through safeguarding the natural environment.
2. To foster cross-border cooperation and joint efforts to solve common problems and utilize the border area potential in a sustainable way.

In line with the programme strategy, the action was an opportunity to build a joint cooperation framework on a topic, where a common interest is established, and joint initiatives are developed; to strengthen the regional identity of the cross-border area and foster sustainable growth.

The specific objective of the project was to raise awareness among the cross-border based economic operators in view of improving their environmental performance for minimizing the negative impact on the environment in a cross-border context.

The project was set out to be very concrete and focused: the aim was to promote a nature-friendly behaviour among some of the biggest polluters of the environment – companies, based in the cross-border region. The objective was achieved through the implementation of a major awareness raising campaign to stimulate businesses contribute to enhancing the natural endowments of their region, change their attitude and exercise greater care in use of the natural resources, the waste generation and disposal.

The action used various tools and communication techniques to raise awareness on three levels: company management, company employees and sectoral associations, thus synchronizing the efforts of all actors, concerned for maximizing the effect from the action. The project was implemented in partnership with 4 Bulgarian and Romanian associations.

Period of implementation: June 2010 - November 2011