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Ebury is a payment institution regulated by the FCA (in the UK), by the National Bank of Belgium (in Belgium) and by Bulgarian National Bank (in Bulgaria). The company has a global presence, operating in more than 25 countries and Banco Santander is the majority shareholder. Ebury's primary goal as a fintech is the reduction of costs related to foreign exchange and cross border payments for its importing and exporting clients, through a combination of risk management, and a reduction in commissions and costs. The company products include a wide range of transactional banking instruments, such as foreign exchange for above 150 currencies, individual accounts (local IBAN accounts and international personal accounts), fast international payments (SWIFT, SEPA, local payment systems) and FX risk management products.

At group level portfolio hold of over 35.000 clients, and in Bulgaria and Romania, over 1.000 companies, with an overall global volume of over 21 billion EUR exchanged annually and over 145 currencies available.