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The connection between Danube ports and the inside of Europe


The transport of cargo and passengers to various European destinations and the role of the Danube ports unite the participants in the Dionysus project, which started in the beginning of July. Among the project partners is the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber, which will cooperate with relevant organisations and ports along the entire Danube.

DIONYSUS is intended for the specific opportunity the Danube provides – transport of cargo and passengers to various European destinations, but not only to coastal cities, but also to cities from inside the countries where it passes. For a period of 30 months, the participants will analyse the inland waterway transport, identify the disadvantages of land access to the Danube ports and will summarize what are the necessary investments, for the creation of multi- and intermodal port communication terminals.

The project is financed via the Danube Transnational Programme and the leading partner is Pro Danube Romania.

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