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The interest of Bulgarian and Romanian companies towards using cloud services and AI increases


A survey from April 2020, conducted by Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber, shows that small and medium businesses in Bulgaria and Romania are increasingly using different cloud services and applications with artificial intelligence. Companies from the two countries point out that the products of Google and Dropbox are the most familiar and used in their own activities, while artificial intelligence is still not that popular and hasn't been actively present in their daily work. More than 98% of the respondents would like to use more applications with artificial intelligence and cloud services in the near future and they rely on Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber for up-to-date information about the possibilities of participating in initiatives, related to innovations in the digital services and directed towards different fields of the business.

We remind you, that Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a partner in the project DiHub, which aims to create five pilot digital service centers (hubs) in Europe, where cloud services will be developed for businesses and various organisations. Small groups of students from different countries will work there in cooperation with five different companies, aiming to develop their projects. That way, there is a know-how exchange and innovative cooperation between the business and students, which is advantageous for both parties – the companies will receive high-end services and will increase their competitiveness, while the students will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurship skills and become more effective for work in the companies. 

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