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Funding stream:
ERASMUS+, K2 Sector Skills Alliances

Short description:

The cloud-based services are growing rapidly in the Global and European economy. Technology changes fast and there will soon be 5G technology available for business solutions. In the past, clouds were referred to as environment to host virtual machines and to provide data storage. Nowadays clouds offer different types of services, for example machine-learning tools and Software as a Service (SaaS). The cloud environments are extremely flexible and different amounts of CPU power can be allocated from small to massive amounts of data analysis. Data can be retrieved to the clouds from different sources, for example from data storages and from sensors through the hub in the IoT applications. There are numerous digital service innovation topics in different fields of industry/business that can be developed.

The goal of this project is to develop a European-wide, transnational, interconnected development service model (platform) and network, based on cloud and mobile technologies (4G/5G). Five digital innovation hubs for cloud-based services shall be created in different locations in Europe. These hubs will be learning and development environments to VET students as well as development service environment for companies to renew their future views, the know-how, skills and the digital service creation. The hubs will be interconnected and the best practices will be transferred to the other hubs and development environments especially organized by VET-providers. This will be enriched by staff and student exchange within the node of hubs in Europe.

The planned technologies promoted by the project are very new but also very well tested and extremely flexible to be used in different applications in various sectors. More high-ability people are needed to take benefits from these in various businesses, which makes education of these topics for vocational excellence necessary, thus enhancing the European competitiveness on this fast-growing cloud-based service environment.

Period of implementation: November 2019 - October 2021