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A state of emergency in Romania as well


A state of emergency in Romania enters into force on Monday (March 16th). The announcement was delivered by the president Klaus Iohannis on Saturday, after the cabinet of Orban 2 was sworn in. The measures to be undertaken have still not been announced, but the government said they will be dedicated exclusively to fighting the epidemic.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, stated that a work group would propose a set of emergency measures to the president. "I know this involves a change in lifestyle, but also fear or misunderstanding, and I call for peace and solidarity", said Vela.

After the state of emergency comes into force, the Minister of Internal Affairs becomes first in power after the president. Coordination and implementation of the envisaged emergency measures becomes a priority of the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that it was possible to limit the prices of some medicines, masks, gloves or disinfectants after the state of emergency, as well as the possibility of restrictions, which have not been currently foreseen. He stated that the final form of the emergency measure document belongs to the president.

The Minister of  Education, Monica Anisie, stated that schools will remain closed until Easter.

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