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CloudCart is a Bulgarian eCommerce as a service platform with beautiful designs, applications and integrations for success. CloudCart provides a complete solution for merchants to create, grow and manage their eCommerce business.
Over 2,500 merchants are already successfully growing and scaling theirs business with CloudCart. Additionally, the platform's local approach to each of the markets it operates in - Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo - makes cross-border opportunities and business expansion easier.
CloudCart is more than just an eCommerce platform; it is a complete solution for entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the field of eCommerce. By providing the complete mix for successful eCommerce that unlocks unlimited opportunities and creates synergies which drive the eCommerce industry forward.
Launching and successfully expanding an online business is no easy task and CloudCart's well aware. Their mission is to empower merchants and ecosystem partners to achieve more, hence why the Bulgarian startup provides access to everything necessary for this to happen, by giving the small entrepreneur the strongest weapons for success.