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Bulmarket Group

„BULMARKET" was established in 1996 with its main activity being supply, production, storage and wholesale of energy products of mineral and non-mineral origin. As a wholesaler of fuels, the enterprise quickly ranked among the top 10 leading companies in Bulgaria. It is actively developing not only on the local market, but also in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and the EU countries, occupying an increasingly significant share in the national economy.

Nowadays, the BULMARKET GROUP includes many subsidiaries from Bulgaria, Romania and Austria, which have different businesses – trade, warehousing, fuel transport, supply of compressed and liquefied natural gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and biodiesel production. The company is the only one in Bulgaria, which offers pharmaceutical glycerin.


: Bulgaria, Ruse, 100 Tutrakan blvd.
Phone: +359 82 817 400