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How to successfully present your products on the Romanian market


With twice the size and three times the population of Bulgaria, Romania is becoming an increasingly attractive business destination. In 2019 the gross domestic product per capita in our northern neighbor is EUR 11 156, while in Bulgaria - EUR 8 507.

The comparison of foreign direct investments (as per data for 2018) shows an advantage for Romania - EUR 5.27 billion. In Bulgaria, they amount to EUR 1.5 billion.

Romanians are also in the lead in terms of average salary for the previous year. They have an average income of around EUR 1,053, while Bulgarians receive an average of EUR 679 per month.

The data shown during the event "Business beyond the Danube with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber", which we held in Plovdiv. Participants were introduced to different strategies for entering the Romanian market. Can your company also grow on the other side of the Danube? Whether your product is competitive and what are the mandatory things you need to anticipate - we can help with our experience.

Ask your questions at email or on the phone: 082 507 606 and we will make the first steps together.

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