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Eurosped AD, a company in the field of freight forwarding, transport and logistics, offers to Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers, merchants and distributors a warehouse for storage of various goods and products. The warehouse is situated in the city of Ruse (60 km. south of Bucharest) and has a construction certificate for First category under the Spatial Planning Act. The main characteristics of the warehouse are:

  • Built-up area – 6 000 - m2;
  • Number of closed ramps – 8;
  • Pallet capacity – 9 000 europallets;
  • 5-storey shelving system, each pallet place is marked with a barcode, which gives information about the stored goods – type, batch, quantity, expiration date, item number and other necessary data;
  • Maximum height of the palletized goods - 180 cm.;
  • Maximum weight of the goods placed on one europallet  –  800 kg.;
  • Alarm and security system and video surveillance;
  • Availability of convenient space for maneuvering and short stay of the vehicle;
  • The floor is made of polished, sulphate-resistant concrete;

The warehouse is suitable for:

  • Creating a central hub for the delivery of goods in Bulgaria and Europe;
  • Distributors or dealers of dangerous chemical products;
  • Distributors or dealers of auto parts and construction materials;

Mr. Svetoslav Georgiev
Phone: 0889017799

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