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A farm for small cattle (goats, sheep) is being SOLD at a good price. It is situated in Voynovo village, Kaynardzha municipality, Silistra district, North-eastern Bulgaria, around 25 km. from border checkpoint Silistra-Calarasi, where there is a ferry and land connection with Romania. The farm is situated on a land area of 7500 sq.m., out of which 1500 sq.m. are taken by the barn, 190 sq. m. belong to а building with a dairy, offices and warehouses, a milking hall with a capacity 2х24, a warehouse base (500 sq.m.), fodder area, greenhouse (480 sq.m.), a small administrative building (45 sq.m.), agricultural machinery. There is an arable field adjacent to the farm – total area of 82 000 sq.m., with a built irrigation system for part of the field, which is owned by a physical person and which is offered along with the farm. The sale can be made for only the property or for the whole farm. If you are interested, please turn to BRCCI by phone: +359 82 507 606, or at email: for a detailed investment proposal in Bulgarian and English, as well as for a direct connection with the sellers.


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