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Created in 2003, BRCCI is the only specialized organization, which has the resources and experience to support all companies which want to operate either in Bulgaria or Romania with the neccessary information, expertize and consultancy. Hundreds of companies have used our services throughout the years and for many of them we have been the first link for the neighbouring market. Through strategic partnerships with other chambers of commerce and international associations BRCCI offers its members a wider access to potential clients and partners to its member-companies.



Ethics: The Chamber and its employees will uphold an ethical and moral code of conduct. We do not distort or manipulate information and keep a professional tone while communicating with target audiences and amongs each other.

Transparency: We are proud with our work and the companies we represent.

Dialogue: We seek and give feedback to our target audience. 

Priority: We prioritize the communication with external audiences and aim to respond timely to all comments and enquiries. 

Equality: We treat all companies equally, no matter their size, number fo employees, sectоr or origin. 

The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a business association, an active platform for the exchange of best practices, contacts and information regarding the Bulgarian and Romanian markets. It is a reliable partner of institutions and businesses for the strenghtening of economic ties and increasing the stock exchange between both countries.

The chamber works very actively with national and local authorities as well as with international partners through expert groups and consortiums on legislative and administrative initiatives. Some of the topics on which the Chamber advocates include:

  • transport connectivity: easier access through the Bulgarian-Romanian border;
  • development of river transportation on the Danube – overcoming administrative barriers, process harmonization, infrastructural issues management and fleet modernization;
  • encouraging transborder mobility of the labour force;

The Chamber's activiites are regulated by the Statutes, which can be found HERE.

The Chamber is a member of the following local and international associations: