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What are the secrets of successful women in business?


This year the ladies are the inspiration of the one of a kind mastermind event in the country - Samodiva Mastermind Summit. For the second year in a row, Samodiva Mastermind Summit will present how we can be more successful in our personal and professional lives.

This time the event is dedicated to the challenges modern women have performing a balancing act between family and career. The event's motto - Business is female - raises questions about business and its strong female presence. It is often a generator of innovative ideas, in many cases it changes the current direction of a company, which often turns out to be the key to the desired results. Samodiva Mastermind Summit will showcase how the power of the female character can be the inspiration for finding new perspectives in professional and personal life. Samodiva Mastermind Summit is inviting ladies in business and entrepreneurship, and will show how, through the mastermind process, it is possible to achieve goals in every area of life much more effectively.

The highlight of the event will be the mastermind sessions, during which everyone will be able to share his challenge on a pre-set topic and get feedback from the others.

What is the secret power of masterminding?

The most inspiring and emotional part of the Samodiva Mastermind Summit is the mastermind sessions during which everyone will be able to discover themselves by sharing their personal challenge on a given topic.  The sessions will be led by specially trained facilitators who will support everyone to share their challenge and the whole group to find the best solution together. The benefits of the mastermind process have long been recognized and successfully implemented in a number of business organizations around the world. Its principles were laid down by the American journalist and lawyer Napoleon Hill more than half a century ago. He formulates the idea of ​​the effectiveness of mastermind groups, analyzing successful stories of individuals such as Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller.m Napoleon Hill believes that mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort in a group of several people working in harmony, focused on a specific goal. In this way, when different minds work together, a common invisible one is formed with a great power, which is called “Mastermind”.

The goal is to collectively give advice so that everyone who sits on the so-called "Mastermind Hotseat" may change his focus on the problematic situation for him and to solve it in the best possible way. Mastermind groups are useful for both personal development and business.

There are four basic principles (the Four C's) of the Mastermind Process:

  • Candor - to be honest with ourselves and others;
  • Care - actively listen to others when they share with us so that we can be of maximum use to them from our perspective;
  • Confidentiality - be discreet about what is shared in the group; (Confidentiality)
  • Commitment - we commit to make changes, create an action plan and do what is necessary.

Samodiva Mastermind Summit also includes 50 specially trained facilitators who will lead the mastermind groups, which is one of the prerequisites for their effectiveness. The mastermind sessions during this different experience are designed to build meaningful and valuable relationships between all participants. Through collective sharing in the group and the tips that will be exchanged, everyone will see their situation through the eyes of others. Thus, through different perspectives, it will be possible to come up with solutions that give it a new direction, a new perspective.

The organizers are Samodiva Masterminds: founded by Bulgarians with extensive professional and life experience abroad and willing to contribute to the development of Bulgaria: Andrey Iliev, Georgi and Marian Temelkov (who are also the founders of Leader Academy), Stoyan Yankov and Eli Zheleva.

The event will feature between 8 and 10 international speakers who, through their experience and knowledge, will focus on various topics in their motivational presentations. The topics? We asked, you answered us! The top 5 topics that were highlighted will be covered:


The speakers who have already confirmed their participation:

  • Business Lady # 1 in Bulgaria - Sasha Bezuhanova.

She  joins the eight top speakers at the conference. Sasha will share her experience on the power of femininity in a dynamic time of change affecting different aspects of life. She will argue for the importance of women's leadership in the transforming world and why women are better prepared to govern in the time of fundamental transformation in which we live. She is the first Bulgarian to receive the European Leadership Award for Women from Central and Eastern Europe at the Leadershe Awards 2010, and has exceptional merit in promoting the entrepreneurial culture and promoting the role of women in business, not only in Bulgaria but also at European level. In addition to its many professional successes beyond the borders of our country, it is also dedicated to the cause of positive social change and sustainable development in Bulgaria.

  • Rada Patel (Wales) - Health Nutrition Expert, Yogi, founder of TOGA (Tonic Yoga);
  • Stoyan Yankov (Bulgaria / Denmark) - co-founder of Samodiva Masterminds, Productivity and Corporate Culture Consultant, International Speakers with over 100 participations in more than 20 countries;
  • Samantha Yarwood (Canada) - Former Head of Strategy and Innovation at Starbucks Toronto, Leadership Skills Consultant; International Speaker and MC
  • Katrina Kurt (Lithuania) - co-founder @Linkedist, LinkedIn Advertising and Personal Brand Expert;
  • Patrick Walsh (Northern Ireland) - Author of “Forgive Me Sister” - a book on the crucial importance of women's energy in business, consultant, international speaker visited more than 130 countries;
  • Eli Zheleva (Bulgaria / England) - Digital Marketing Trainer, International Speaker, Author of “Marketing Matters” In Life And In Business: 7 Proven Steps To Success, Youth Mentor.

Early registration for the one-of-a-kind forum has been extended to February 23.


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