Wine replaces rakia on the Bulgarian table

Consumption of wine increases significantly. For the last 20 years it has replaced the rakia from the Bulgarian table. This became clear during the 40th International congress of viticulture and gardening, which was conducted in Sofia between May 29th and June 2nd.

This can be attributed to the highly developed viticulture in the country. Different and specific types of wine are produced thanks to the large variety of soils.

Almost all classic wines are produced on the territory of the Danube and Thracian valleys. There are also 55 areas of wine production, which have a protected name of origin. The industry would like to develop the following local brands – „Mavrut”, “Pamid”, “Rubin” and “Melnik”.

The planted vineyard area in Bulgaria is 67-68 000 ha. The new plantations are above 25%. The registered wine producers in Bulgaria are 263. The production output will be almost equal between the local market (around 700 000 hectoliters) and the foreign market (600 000 hectoliters). The sale of foreign wines in Bulgaria is approximately 50 000 hl.

The sale of white wine is almost as much as that of red wine and rose. Bulgaria is 21st in the world in terms of wine production with 1,3 hectoliters and is among the most successful countries in the field along with Brazil, Italy and France. Bulgaria is also the 6th largest wine exporter in the world.

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