Videoconference Investment Forum – 13.10.2015

Videoconferencing ensured the implementation of the Bulgarian-Romanian Investment Forum on October 13, 2015.

The event, which is a demonstration on project “Together in real time”, put together representatives of more than 40 state, regional and municipal institutions from Romania and Bulgaria, large investors in the regions covered by the project – Ruse, Vratsa, Craiova and Calarasi, the banking sector, academia and non-profit environments.

Participants highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the Regions to provide a better investment climate. They discussed the state of trade turnover between the two countries, the development of trade and economic relations, the upcoming exhibitions that provide excellent presentation of businesses and opportunities for new contacts, as well as modern banking products to support good ideas and cross-border business practices.

The subject of conversation was the investment climate, with focus on joint attract investors, as well as joint appearance on third markets. The forum examined the statistics in the industrial and commercial fields, as well as funding opportunities and other services for small businesses. One of the topics of conversation was how regional and local authorities create a favorable environment for business activity, including through improved infrastructure and measures to prevent disasters.

Company-investors in the Bulgarian and Romanian part of the border region presented the available opportunities for partnership and mutual provision of access to markets in other countries. Participants discussed initiatives which would attract the cooperation of the business and authorities in other countries in the Danube region.


Project “Together in Real Time” is implemented by the Rousse Chamber of Commerce partners: Association Idein Society, CCI – Vratsa, Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation – Craiova, Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Agriculture – Calarasi. The project is funded by the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Bulgaria 2007-2013.

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