Vektor Marktforschung-Romania has joined BRCCI

Vektor Marktforschung is the most dynamic retail tracking company in the region with operations in Romania, Moldova Republic and as of 2018 also in Bulgaria. They are a full-range retail tracking and added-value services company providing five main services: retail audits, outlet-censuses, market execution studies, modelling analysis and shopper research. Their clients are blue-chip multinationals as well as important local companies leading the industries they play in. They already service Bulgarian companies entering Romania through retail audit data and would like to extend this service to all companies members of BRCCI.

Vektor Marktforschung will open its services in Bulgaria through a complete urban outlet-census in March/April 2018. Any BRCCI member is welcome to submit their special requirements in case of interest and benefit of an exclusive proposal. They will cover all FMCG retail points of sale for both off-premise and on-premise (Horeca) locations. Following this stage, a store-panel for the continuous retail tracking operations will be recruited and monitored.


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