V. H. Consulting EOOD has joined BRCCI

V. H. Consulting EOOD operates within the trading and manufacture of grain storing and grain analysis instruments.

Their team has over 10 years of experience on the Bulgarian market for specific agro-equipment! Their engineers work with equipment of well known manufacturers like: Kongskilde (pneumatic conveyors), Nord Mills (milling equipment), Supertech Agroline (grain analyzers), Brice-Baker Co (grain silos), Scandia-Elevator (transportation equipment for grain storages), Zanin (grain dryers and grain cleaning machines), Tornum (grain dryers), Denis (cleaning equipment) etc.

Following their moto – to provide their customers with acceptable prices and satisfactory quality, they manufacture locally some of their products. Their grain ventilation tubes have highest quality and they also export them. They also manufacture pneumatic conveyors, portable grain stirrers, grain ventilation systems, as well as other innovative instruments on customer’s request. 

They constantly search for dealers from Bulgaria’s neighboring countries. If you wish to work with them, in order to develop trade cooperation, or whether you like to purchase a product from their range, you can visit their web-site: www.ilineli.com , or you can contact them at:


V.H. Consulting EOOD
Varna 9000, Bulgaria
24 Veliko Hristov str. 3rd floor
T: +359 885 945 090, +359 878 923 554
E: ilineli_bulgaria@abv.bg

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