Unimasters Logistics LTD joined to Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Unimasters Logistics is a public, non-quoted company, with major logistic capabilities that span many different industries and sectors. As one of the fastest-growing and evolving freight-management and logistics companies in Central and Eastern Europe, they give clients a leading edge through use of a range of end-to-end, transparent logistics solutions.

They integrate different transport modes into efficient and effective transport and logistics schemes and combine expertise, resources, the right teams and reliable partners networks to meet all your demands successfully.

Over 5000 companies and individuals trust Unimasters now to be the backbone of their logistics and supply operations.

Companie’s work is aimed at providing smart solutions for clients’ logistics needs. Theu design, manage, control and improve transport and logistics operations. By combining creativity and performance excellence, shaped in accordance with their customers’ requirements, Unimasters Logistics executes projects of every size and complexity. Thanks to their advanced professional approach, wealth of experience and know-how people working in Unimasters have achieved recognition around the world for expertise in the field of logistics.

Office Sofia
EUROGATE Logistics Park
12 Prodan Tarakchiev Street
BG-1592 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 4463 200 
Office Varna
Marine House
40 Graf Ignatiev Street
BG-9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 52 818 000
Office Bourgas
1A Bulair Str, Floor 3
BG-8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 56 843796 
Office Plovdiv
Complex Podem
Office 5, 51 Dunav Blvd.,
BG-4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 32 940679

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