New record for product turnover between Bulgaria and Romania for 2017

The trade between Bulgaria and Romania set a new record in 2017, reaching a value of EUR 4.31 billion – an increase of 7.6% compared to the previous year when it was 3.8 billion.

Romania is the third largest export destination for Bulgarian goods, ranking immediately after Germany and Italy. For 2017, Bulgaria exported goods and services worth EUR 2.18 billion to Romania, an increase of about 5.3% on an annual basis compared to 2016 when exports to our northern neighbor were EUR 2.07 billion. Romania accounts for 8.2% of our total exports.

At the same time, Romania ranks fourth (after Germany, Russia and Italy) among the countries that we import the most products from. For 2017, Bulgaria imported goods and services worth EUR 2.13 billion from Romania, which is a significant increase compared to 2016 – 17.6%. From Romania comes 7.1% of our total imports.

Our trade balance (the difference between exports and imports) with our northern neighbor for 2017 is positive – EUR 45.3 million. For the previous year, it was also positive – EUR 255.4 million.

When it comes to the division by product groups, our most important export goods to Romania are tractors, harvesting machines, iron and steel rods, petroleum and medicines. The most important import groups of goods from Romania to Bulgaria are petroleum, gas, copper, rubber products and sunflower seeds.

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