Turnover between Bulgaria and Romania for 2016

According to data from the Economic and Commercial Section of the Romanian Embassy in Bulgaria, the turnover between the two countries for 2016 is 3.94 bln. euro, which is an increase from 2015 when it was 3.68 bln. euro.

The total export from Bulgaria to Romania is 2.1 bln. euro, which is a significant growth compared to 2015 when it was 1.86 bln euro. On the other side, the import for 2016 from Romania is 1.85 bln. euro, which is slightly more than the import for 2015 – 1.8 bln. euro.

If we break things down in groups, Bulgarian export to Romania is highest in machinery and electrical equipment (306 mln. euro), plant products (288.5 mln. euro) and products of the chemical industry (282.2 mln. euro).

At the same time, the top three categories, from which Bulgaria imports goods from Romania, are mineral products (349.9 mln. euro), base metals (272.3 mln. euro) and machinery and electrical equipment (199.8 mln. euro).

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