Training seminar at VISA Agency on “How to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients?”

On October 8th and 9th we are starting our first out of a series of trainings for improving the skills of employees from the marketing, sales and human resources departments, as well as everyone, who wish to improve their communication skills, in order to feel good and useful at their workplace. The training is free, it is conducted in the frameworks of project „VISA“ and will take place in Ruse, hotel Dunav Plaza, the small conference room on the second floor, and the trainer will be Nadezhda Vaneva – Communication and PR expert with a vast experience.

The business and workplace communication is of essential importance for establishing trust and beneficial, long-lasting partnerships and relationships. Proper communication can make every employee and every business successful. Knowing the communication tools can increase the efficiency of the whole team, improve the working environment and, of course, help the company’s development.

The training “How to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients? provides the basis for creating effective habits when communicating with colleagues, partners and clients, points out what we should focus on when choosing communication channels and gives answers to the questions:

– Do we love our work and can we show it?

– What do gestures and signs mean when we communicate with colleagues and clients?

– Social media – stress or business assistant?

– What is the language of our business?

– When and how we conduct business correspondence?

– How effective communication can bring us more business?

By the end of October, there will be training seminars on two more topics: cross-border communication and entrepreneurship at the workplace.

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