TOP 10 travel agencies in Romania

The largest travel agency at the national level in the last decade remains Happy Tour, founded by Nicolae Demetriade and acquired in 2007 by the Spanish investment fund GED. Agency ended last year with a turnover of 182 million lei with growth of 10% over the previous year.
The Second place in 2012, and in recent years, the loan agency Eximtur, owned by Lucia and Radu Morareu. The company reached a 17% increase in sales to a level of 157 million lei.
Christian Tour found a place among the top three agencies in Romania after the 2012 reported a turnover of 155.8 million lei.
Although the agency Perfect Tour has reached an increase in sales of 16.6%, it remains ion the 4th place with a turnover of 110 million lei
5th ranks with sales of 92.8 million lei and 40% growth over the previous year. The company is owned by the Polish investment fund registered in Cyprus with a share of 66.6 percent and Daniel Truika – by 33.3% stake.

In the following chart:
6. Accent Travel & Events – ruled by Lucian Boronea with a turnover of 75 million lei and de-creased sales by 5% compared to 2011
7. Agenţia Hotel Air – with a turnover of 74.2 million lei and growth of 30% owned by the Greek national Ioannis Ioannidis
8. Business Travel Turism, owned by Paula Elena Dobresku, a turnover of 66.4 million lei, 18.5% higher than the previous year.
9. Mareea Comtur – owned by Marius Usturiu with a turnover of 64 million lei and growth of 47%.
10. Prompt Service – owned by the family Goychea sales reached 63.8 million lei to 26% more than in 2011.

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