The transnational tool for barrier reporting on the Danube River has been officially launched

The Electronic Administrative Barrier Reporting Tool has been created under the Pro Danube International’s (PDI) domain in order to provide people interested in shipping on the Danube with opportunities to report administrative barriers they have encountered, as well as to point out good practices.

The official launch of the Transnational tool for reporting administrative barriers and good practices during shipping on the Danube River and all of its navigable tributaries happened in September 2017. This tool is the first output of the DANTE project, which aims to lay the foundations for the gathering of information from stakeholders of river shipping. This innovative and multilingual tool allows in a most modern way to map the daily barriers standing before the main stakeholders in river shipping and to create a database, which will be used to analyze them and give recommendations. Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as one of the project partners and a leader in the field of communications, will readily cooperate with all stakeholders in their use of the platform. At a later stage of the project implementation, the reports collected in the database will be used in order to create a national and a consolidated report. After that, recommendations will be made for reducing the unnecessary administrative obstacles for the users of the river, which will facilitate the logistics on the Danube River and will transform it into an important and favorable transport route.

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