The fiscal changes in Romania since January 2018

According to the new regulation, which came into force on January 1st, 2018 in Romania, the pension contributions, which are 25% of the salary, as well as the healthcare contributions, which are 10%, become the exclusive obligation of the employee. The employment insurance contribution, which is 2.25%, will remain as an obligation of the employer.

The income tax decreases from 16% to 10%. It includes the earnings from wages, independent activities, rents, investments, pensions, agriculture activities etc.

The minimum salary goes from 1450 RON (608.77 BGN) to 1900 RON (801.23 BGN) monthly for 166 working hours per month. The guaranteed minimum hourly payment becomes 11.40 RON/hour.

The increase in comparison to 2017 is 31.03% as the net minimum salary increases from 1065 RON to 1162 RON.

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