List and prices

for the services, delivered by the BRCCI team or via exclusive partners

1. Information for the current status of Romanian/Bulgarian companies (main activities, address, owners and managers, capital amount, most recent financial information, whether it has been announced as bankrupt or is in the process of liquidation, etc.) – processed excerpt from the public registers. The information is presented in Bulgarian, Romanian or English respectively
Price – 30 euro per company.
Free of charge for members of the Chamber (up to 3 inquires per year, each following is with 50% of the fee for non-members). According to the language, a translation will be additionally paid.

2. Providing information/consultation in response to a concrete inquiry in the sphere of tax, insurance, labor or other legislation of Romania/Bulgariа
Price – 150 euro
Free of charge for members of the Chamber (up to 3 inquires per year, each following is with 50% of the fee for non-members)

3. Information for various administrative procedures, including procedures for registration of a company, VAT registration, licensing procedures for an activity in Romania/Bulgaria
Price – 100 euro
Free of charge for members of the Chamber (up to 3 inquires per year, each following is with 50% of the fee for non-members)

4. Information for public tenders, consulting and document preparation for applying for public tenders in Romania/Bulgaria
Price – negotiable
The service is provided through partners.

5. Preparing a list of up-to-date contact information for Romanian/Bulgarian companies – manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters,
Price – 4 euro per company (up to 20 companies, over that – negotiable)
For members – 50% of the fee for non-members       

6. Direct mailing to pre-selected Romanian/Bulgarian companies, following certain criteria given by the client in view of presenting the company and its products or sending concrete inquires, etc. and receiving an answer for the availability or lack of interest from at least 90% of the companies from the list.
Price – 10 euro per contact (over 20 companies – negotiable)
For members – 20% discount

7. Market and sectoral research, assigned by the client
Price – negotiable

8. Registering a company in Romania/Bulgaria
Price – negotiable, minimum 300 euro
The service is provided through partners. The price doesn’t include registration fees, bank and/or notary fees, translation or statute fees

9. Cooperation for hiring staff – publishing advertisements in specialized websites, collecting CVs, preliminary selection and summarization of the information collected
Price – 300 euro
For members – 50% of the price
The price doesn’t include a translation of the CVs and other documents given by the client, as well as paid publications

10. Organizing private business visits: business meetings, visits of exhibitions and events, providing an interpreter and/or a companion for meetings, events etc.
Price – negotiable

11. Translation services for/to Bulgarian and Romanian language
Price – depending on the complexity and deadline for the translation, minimum 8 euro per standard page. Discounts are possible for higher volumes and for members
The service is provided through partners. Fees for legalization of documents are not included.

12. Publishing of a presentation on the website and in the Chamber’s electronic info bulletin
Price – 100 euro, for more than 1 – negotiable
For members – free of charge

13. Participation in events, organized by the Chamber
Price – minimum 25 euro
For members – free of charge for 1 representative

The prices do not include VAT


BRCCI membership package

1. Presenting the company through all BRCCI informational channels (website, bulletin and social media) without any additional fees. Publishing of current news, achievements and interesting new products or services.
This information goes to over 10 000 subscribers in Bulgaria, Romania and the EU, among which are companies, business associations, public authorities, media

2. Receiving information via e-mail for future business events, organized by BRCCI or its partners, economic news, tax changes etc. in both countries.

3. Participation in BRCCI General Assembly with the right to vote; an opportunity for a representative of the company to be chosen as a member of the Managing Board or the Control Council. The right and opportunity to give suggestions for improving the business environment, which would then be directed on behalf of BRCCI to the competent institutions.

4. Participation in all events, organized by BRCCI – free of charge

5. The information from points 1, 2 and 3 of the list above – free of charge, in accordance with the given conditions

6. Discounts of up to 10% of the fees for participation in fairs and exhibitions (ROMEXPO – for Bulgarian companies, INTER EXPO CENTER – for Romanian companies)

7. Discounts for all other services, provided by the Chamber

8. Lower/preferential prices at all other organizations and companies, with which the Chamber has negotiated special terms for members of BRCCI

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