Study: Romanian advertising market to slightly drop, internet still the most dynamic segment

The Romanian advertising market is expected to drop to some EUR 295 million in 2013, EUR 8 million down on the year before, according to the most recent Media Fact Book estimation. Internet will continue to be he only segment of the media market which will increase in 2013, while radio will stagnate, and the other segments will go down.

The Internet segment is expected to go to EUR 46 million from EUR 41 million in 2012, and from EUR 34 million in 2011. The amount for 2013 includes spending on Google, Facebook and Yahoo!.

The TV advertising market is expected to lose some EUR 10 million this year, but still be the largest piece of the pie, at some EUR 183 million. Print will stay at EUR 19 million, down from EUR 22 million. Outdoor will most likely be at EUR 28 million, down from EUR 29 million.

Within the Internet advertising segment, the display type of advertising will slowly lose grounds going down from 54 percent to 50 percent, while Google advertising will go up from 37 to 40 percent. Facebook will go from a weight of 5 to 6 percent, while Yahoo! Will stay flat at 4 percent. Content will be king again on the Internet segment.

The Media Fact Book estimates Google has revenues of EUR 15 million last year in Romania and will increase to EUR 20 million, which is much higher than what the company had declared at the local tax administration – EUR 1 million.

Access Media Fact Book 2013 for the full analysis:

Media Fact Book 2013

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