South-East European Eco Forum & Exhibition organized by Via Expo

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  • Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From 29th to 31st May 2013 in Sofia (Bulgaria), the South-East European Eco Forum & Exhibition will bring again together top industry professionals. The Organizer Via Expo has been continuously updating its format and the 2013 edition will incorporate some concurrent events covering related topics with direct environmental impact: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, SEE Solar, Save the Planet (Waste Management & Recycling), Smart Buildings and LiftBalkans.

The Forum & Exhibition are a platform for market exploration of the Region, up-to-date technologies exposure and hot topics’ discussions. The business, state authority and the general public in South-East Europe are increasingly aware of the clean technologies benefits – less environmental pollution, high ROI, new resource flows, energy saving and creation of new jobs.

During the last years the countries in the Region are making a significant progress in the implementation of sustainable practices and adopting the best European regulations.

Some trends will drive the market of the green technologies in Bulgaria and will open new attractive niches. The experts forecast a boom of installation of small integrated photovoltaic roof-, window- and façade- systems in the next years. Legal changes ensuring the simplification of administrative procedures for the installation of PV panels on roofs and facades will be approved in the next few months. The conception of intelligent construction has become popular in the country. Several buildings with LEED, DGNB and BREEAM certifications have been realized. According to the Energy Efficiency Directive all new buildings must be nearly Zero Energy (nZEB) from 2021. In February, the Bulgarian Parliament accepted amendments to the Energy Efficiency Act, which foresee working out of a national plan for the increase of the number of nZEB and introduction of certificates for energy performance. The country has a significant potential to cut the energy consumption levels and related carbon emissions. The new Bulgarian Waste Management Act obliges the municipalities to build up recycling systems by 2014 which should recycle 25 % of waste and reuse 50 % of waste by 2020.

The SEE Forum & Exhibition at a Glance

• Well-known companies from 17 countries – Sputnik Engineering (Solarmax), Krannich Solar, Global Hydro Energy, Cink Hydro, Costruzioni Nazzareno, Heliocentris Energiesysteme, European Patent Office, Techem, ESE, Europlast Kunststoffbehälterindustrie, EREMA, Polytechnik, IFE, Herbold Meckesheim, Weiss, Elkoplast, Dekonta, etc.

• Austrian and Italian Pavilions, Hungarian National Participation

• Exhibition / Forum scope: building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), wind-, hydro- and bio energy, energy storage, waste-to-energy, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, building automation and management systems, elevators and escalators.

• Speaker lineup – professionals from the European Commission – DG Energy and DG Environment,

EREF, ECEEE, EuroACE, BPIE, Association for Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology within VDMA, FEAD, ISWA, ENEP, DGAW, etc.

• The program will be diversified with many parallel events: Austria Showcase; Global Methane Initiative (GMI) on Landfill Gas Utilization, organized by the U.S. Environmental Agency; Italian Workshop devoted on the Italian waste know-how and 2nd Best Eco-Municipality Competition.


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