‘Smart Cities’, ‘Save the Planet’ (Waste Management & Recycling), ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables’ (EE & RE), ‘Save the Life’ (Emergency & Safety Management)

11th Exhibitions and Forum for South-East Europe
11-13 March 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria
Organizer: Via Expo

The climate changes, natural sources depletion and the progress towards ‘circular economy’ drive the countries in South-East Europe to transform their energy, urban and waste systems in line with the EU targets. Catching up with the world leaders, the countries have to transfer advanced technologies and to utilize the foreign experience.

The 11th edition of the SEE Exhibitions and Conference is one of the prominent events in South-East Europe and play an important role as a showcase and knowledge exchange platform. It incorporates a very up-to-dates issues. Some of them are focusing on the eco-friendly products that ensure sustainable development. Others promote technologies for prevention and management during the disasters and industry accidents, the number of which increases quickly during the last decades, having a negative impact on the environment, human life and global economy.

The SEE Exhibitions coverage:
• ‘Smart Cities’: energy management, smart grid and energy storage, intelligent buildings, lighting, ICT, e-mobility and smart transport, electric vehicles, emergency and security;
• ‘Save the Planet’: waste collection, transport, treatment, landfill management and operations, waste-to-energy, recycling technologies and equipment. Austria is an long-term partner and an Austrian Pavilion will be organized for 6th year in a row. In 2014 the number of the participating companies has increased by 88% compared to previous year.
• ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables’: energy efficient solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting; energy efficient construction; renewable energy; energy and resource recovery; waste-to-energy, etc.
• New accent is ‘Save the Life’ – emergency, rescue and safety management, control.

Early Bird Fees for the Exhibition area till 1st October 2014

The Forum

Keynote speakers from all over Europe will provide an insight into the relevant sectors– legislation, industry developments and best practices, trends, strategies. ‘The Future of District energy in the EU’ is a session, organized by Euroheat & Power.

Organizer: Via Expo Ltd. www.viaexpo.com


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