Salaries in the Bulgarian IT sector

The salaries of the employees in the Bulgarian IT industry depend on a few factors – the experience of the respective specialist, the skills that he has and how well he has mastered them. Also, almost every company has its own rules, according to which it estimates the salaries of its employees.

According to BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies), the net monthly salary in the Bulgarian IT sector is 1407 euro, which is approximately four times more than the average salary in the country. If we have to compare the salaries in this industry in Bulgaria and the EU, we will see that the Bulgarian salaries are competitive to those in the EU, although they still haven’t reached them in absolute value. That is because the purchasing power of the IT specialists in Bulgaria is higher because of the lower standard of living in the country. A salary growth of around 5% is expected for 2017.

As it pertains to what kind of specialists are in demand in this sector – the trend is to look for people who can work with more than one programming language. There is a lack of Full-Stack developers, automation engineers and cloud technology specialists. More and more people are expected to retrain themselves as IT specialists because of the growing digitalization in today’s world. That way, they could receive higher and steadier income and satisfy the hunger for personnel in the sector.

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