Romania with the most employees who work in the IT&C sector

Approximately 110 000 Romanians are currently working in the IT&C (Information Technologies and Communications) sector. This is a data, gathered by the leading Romanian technology recruitment consultancy “Brainspotting”. According to the organization, this puts Romania in the leading position in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of number of people, who are employed in the IT sector. Next in line are Poland (100 000 people), Ukraine (90 000), Belarus (30 000), Bulgaria (25 000), Slovakia (20 000) and Hungary (16 820).

Leading IT cities in Romania are Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.

Employees, who are knowledgeable in the programming languages Python and Ruby are highly sought after and can earn up to 25% more compared to the rest of the IT specialists.

According to the study, a junior software developer can earn somewhere between 1000 and 1562 euro, depending on the city. QA (quality assurance) specialists’ salary is between 856 and 1298 euro. Employees with senior positions are among the most well-paid, with salaries between 2500 and almost 5000 euro.

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