Romania has the biggest amount of vineyard owners in the EU

Romania takes the lead in the EU for biggest amount of vineyard owners in 2015, according to data from Eurostat. The data shows that their number is 854 766 people, or 36% from the total for the EU. Spain is in second place with 517 615 people (12%) and Italy comes third with 299 191 people (12%) according to data from 2010. For comparison, the vineyard owners in Bulgaria are 45 179, which means 2% from the total amount for the EU.

When it comes to the area, intended for growing grapes for the purposes of wine production, there are 183 717 hectares sowed in Romania – 6% from the whole area for the EU. The big three is comprised of Spain (941 154 hectares, 30%), France (802 896 hectares, 25%) and Italy (610 291 hectares, 19%). The Bulgarian area is 59 991 hectares or 2% of the whole EU area, intended for growing grapes.

You can see from this data that the areas in Romania are the most fragmented, as there are 0.2 hectares of agricultural land per person on average. For comparison, there are 1.3 hectares per person in Bulgarian, which is also the average indicator for the EU.

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