Romania and Bulgaria remain well behind the rest of the EU for GDP per capita in 2012

GDP per capita in Romania expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) was the second lowest in the EU last year, ahead of only Bulgaria, according to figures published today (June 19) by EU Statistics Office Eurostat. Romanian GDP per capita was 49 percent of the EU average, while Bulgaria’s was lower still – 47 percent the average. However, for Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) per capita, Romania ranked lowest at 48 percent of the EU average, Bulgaria was one place ahead at 49 percent of the average figure.

The figures for the rest of the EU for both GDP and AIC per capita were all at least 61 percent of the overall EU averages.

Luxembourg had by far the highest GDP per capita expressed in PPS – 271 percent the EU average. Next came Austria at 131 percent the average, followed by Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Finland, the UK and France, which all had GDP per capita above the EU average last year. The rest of the Member States recorded levels below the average EU level. Croatia, which is about to become a Member State is already well ahead of Romania and Bulgaria, with GDP per capita at 61 percent the EU average and AIC at 59 percent.

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