Romania, among most energy independent countries in the EU

Romania came third in the EU on energy independence in 2012, with an energy independence rate of 22.7 percent, after Denmark, minus 3.4 percent, and Estonia, 17.2 percent, according to data from Eurostat. This means these countries were least dependent on energy imports.

After Romania came Sweden, with 28.7 percent in energy independence rate, and Poland, with 30.7 percent. Denmark had a negative independence rate because it was the only net exporter of energy in 2012.

Most dependent on exports were Malta (100 percent),Luxembourg and Cyprus (both 97 percent) and Ireland (85 percent).

The five main energy producers in the EU28 in 2012 were France (133 Mtoe, 17 percent of total production in the EU28), Germany (124 Mtoe, 16 percent), the United Kingdom (116 Mtoe, 15 percent), Poland (71 Mtoe, 9 percent) and the Netherlands (65 Mtoe, 8 percent) which together accounted for 64 percent of total energy production in the EU28.

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