Record number of car registrations in Romania

Removing the fees payable in Romania led to a record level of car registrations


A record level of car registration was reported on February 1 in Romania, yet the first day when Romanians were able to buy and register cars without paying any fees. A total of 6791 cars were registered on 01.02.2017, as 5923 of them are used, and 868 – new cars. The most registered cars were Volkswagen, Opel, Audi, Ford and BMW.

This became possible from the beginning of February when were abolished environmental tax, tax registration and all fees and taxes relating to registration of vehicles that were introduced after the country’s EU accession.

We remind that these taxes were gradually introduced after Romania joined the EU in 2007. Before 01.01.2007 there were two reasons that restricted the import of cars. The first limitation was the cars to be at less than eight years, the other obstacle was duty and excise duty.

During the boom of the Romanian auto industry in 2007-2008 were registered 35000 cars a month, or a daily average of 1500 cars.

If this pace of registrations continues, it is likely that the volume of imports of used cars to exceed 500 000.

We remind that until recently Romanians massively registered in Bulgaria their vehicles because for them it was a cheaper option.

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