The program of the Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund for 2018

The start of 2018 marks the beginning of a series of initiatives of the Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund at Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose program was officially presented at BRCCI’s Christmas Party.

The amount of BGN 3623, which was collected on 16.12.2017. in support of the Fund, will be provided for the implementation of the planned joint activities for children from the two neighboring countries in the field of education, health, culture, sport, etc.

Once again, we express our special thanks to all donators who have provided unique articles and resources in order to enable children from Bulgaria and Romania to communicate, study, have fun together, create friendships and at the same time get to know the neighboring country.


Program of the Bulgarian-Romanian Children’s Fund for 2018:




Joint production of martenitsi


From 6 to 18

Joint Bulgarian-Romanian children’s spectacle–fairy tale

All year round

Beginning: March

Performance: December (during BRCCI’s Christmas Party)

From 10 to 18

An online competition with the subject: „The important life topics through the eyes of children and youths

Beginning: January

End: November

Processing of the results and awards: December

From 6 to 18

A summer academy for children


July/August – 1 week

From 12 to 15

A workshop for healthy food with children and parents


From 6 to 18

BRCCI’s Christmas Party


From 6 to 18


You can follow the up-to-date program of the Fund’s events constantly on BRCCI’s website, as well as on Facebook.

If you would like to join with suggestions, ideas, sponsorship or to promote the initiative, please contact us.

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