Prognosticated revenue growth for Monbat

“Monbat” is a co-founder of Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is one of the few Bulgarian companies that makes long-term prognosis for its activities. In one such prognosis, published to the stock exchange, the company foresees an increase of its revenue of 2.6 times by the year 2021, which is around 38 million euro. Thanks to this news, the stock price of the company increased by 4% on the stock exchange. The growth from the beginning of 2017 is 9%, while for the past 12 months – 45%.

 Income from sales is expected to increase by 62% (up to 216 million euro at the end of the period) and the net profit is expected to grow by 17% in 2021 in comparison to 11% in 2016. Half of Monbat’s income comes from export. Its largest markets are France, Spain and Germany.

 For 2016, the net income of the company has grown by 7% (135.4 million euro). The net profit for the same period has increased by 29% (14.6 million euro)

 The company has ambitions to strengthen its growth by increasing its production and distribution. On top of that, it will try to specialize in three areas – recycling, new technologies for battery production and increasing the number of product solutions in the field of energy management.

It must be noted that “Monbat” is one of the biggest Bulgarian investors in Romania. On 09.06.2011, the company opened its filial in Bucharest – “Monbat Recycling Romania”, which deals with recycling used lead-acid batteries.

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